GLICEPOL® – Glyceryl esters –


The GLICEPOL® line consist of glyceryl esters obtained from the reaction of glycerin with fatty oils or acids, contain no preservatives and are dioxane and sulfate-free, they are low irritating to skin and present low human and environmental toxicity.


Glicepol® GMS 164

INCI: Glyceryl stearate


Is a product obtained with the esterification reaction between stearic and palmitic fatty acids with glycerin. It is a mixture of mono and diglycerides constituting a nonionic hydrophilic emulsifier.


Personal care applications

As a stabilizer of emulsions W/O and as co-emulsifier in O/W emulsions. It acts as a consistency agent in formulation of creams and lotions.


Food application

For the hydrophobic nature is recommended for W/O emulsions. Acts as a stabilizer and emulsifier, can be mixed with ALKEST® TW to achieve some specific functions. It is commonly used in margarine processes, it helps to prevent separation of water in ice cream, for this reason a cream with better consistency and softer texture is obtained; in bread making, more fluffy and softer crumb pieces are achieved; in chewing gum and puddings, acts as a softener improves chewing and prevents teeth adhesion; in daily industry it is used pure or in combination with other surfactants.

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