This family is divided into the following subfamilies:

  1. Chain saturated acids
  2. Carboxylic acid esters
  3. Ethers of carboxylic acids. Chain Saturated Acids subfamily Physical and Chemical Properties As its name suggests, the components of this subfamily are nothing more than saturated carboxylic acids. Animal and vegetable fatty acids are the main source of this type of surfactants, but can also be synthetically prepared.

The acids of natural saturated chain are obtained by alkaline hydrolysis, or saponification of fats and oils. Then they precipitated by acidification, purified and isolated. If not carried out the separation process, the mixture of fatty acids is referred to as the source from which come (for example, coconut fatty acids). The water soluble soaps are used in a wide variety of cosmetics; shaving products, skin cleansing, deodorants etc. According to the soap base that this will have different properties and thus different applications is prepared. Subfamily carboxylates Physical and Chemical Properties


Name Catalogue Bulletin/Spe. Sheet. Sec. Sheet GHS Sec. Sheet View
Name Catalogue Bulletin/Spe. Sheet. Sec. Sheet GHS Sec. Sheet View
Glacial Acetic Acid
Acrylic Acid Glacial
2-Ethylhexanoic Acid


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